About Citron-Siteng

We are an independent Nigerian sourcing, procurement and consultancy company. With our Head Office in Nigeria and offices in USA and China, we are ideally placed to fulfill all your procurement requirements from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. We boast as an expert long-term Contract Strategic Manufacturing Group with an extensive network of world-class manufacturers in the strategic low cost regions of southeast Asia

Our Services.

Project Assessment

With the help of our experienced sourcing specialists and manufacturing consultants, we  provide a comprehensive proposal to our client’s project after careful evaluation by collecting the project details from them either via physical or virtual meeting

Sourcing Suppliers

With many years of experience working with the manufacturing industries, we have been able to build a large network of factories with a wide range of different industries for your convenience. We will identify the optimal candidate for your project given your budget and your goal.


With our wealth of experience with the Asian tigers which as a result of our long term partnership with them, we have mastered the best art of negotiating in line with their cultures and their modus operandi in business. These skills become handy when working or dealing with these manufacturers and suppliers. We are always able to get a few pieces at a better unit price(cheaper quote) on our client’s behalf to fit into your budgets for the projects.


Whether you are looking for a single place to consolidate your products from various suppliers from different parts of the country, or you are looking for a dispatch center of your E-commerce which sells made-in China products to the global market, our modern and secure warehouse facilities provide the best solutions for you.


As the final part of our all-inclusive procurement services, we will arrange for the loading, freight forwarding and customs clearance at an affordable and competitive rate. This is to bridge the last-mile gap and have all your products securely delivered to your delivery destination within the shortest time.

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Testimonials .

I am an entrepreneur from silicon valley, United States, where I run a successful business in luxury ground transportation. I decided to start a new venture in electric scooter and found information about Citronsiteng on the internet.

I hired them as my sourcing company in Shenzhen to identify the suppliers for my project in electric scooter. During the course of this project, their work ethics, rate of progress, level of contribution has all exceeded my expectation even to the very best manufacturing agent.

Elizabeth Ker

HR Officer

They are truly exceptional in their work and it was such a wonderful experience to work with them.

Laura Sten

PR Officer